Tuesday, April 13, 2010

To My Beloved Readers

Dear Loyal Readers,

You deserve much more than I've been giving you lately. I've been terribly busy with work and family, but that is no excuse for leaving your BLOG WELL dry. Let's start from scratch and hope my time management issues work themselves out... SOON!!!


Ruba's Reality

ps- Official Comeback Entry To Come...

Really Lady? That is just wrong!

*Stach level? Heavy, medium, light, or none.

Lady: Well... what do you think stores use?


Lady: We buy the clothes... wear them... dryclean them... then return them. I guess light starch would be good.


*Okay Ma'am, you're clothes will be ready today after 5.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Where In The World Is Ruba's Reality?

Okay. Wow. It's been a month since I've been on here. I apologize to all of my devoted fans. I have been preoccupied, but that is no excuse, nothing is more important than my wonderful readers. I love you for your undying support.

What is it that has taken me away from you? You ask? Work. Yes, that is right, someone hired me. My husband hired me (technically not... since I don't get a paycheck.) We have a drycleaners and we needed someone to fill in the morning shift ASAP. Turns our Little Miss Thang (the former attendant) was sending all of OUR customers to the drycleaners she worked at at night... maybe she worked for commission? I begged and pleaded for this job, and then Eyad (that would be my husband) finally gave in.

I spent the first week coming up with fun advertising ideas, and getting to know all of my soon-to-be regulars. Mr. Pollack, the man with the cigar and hunting gear. Keith, the major airline pilot. I can't wait till I'm comfortable enough with him to ask for discounts. Andre, the rich dude with all the cool cars. Mr. Dudley.... the customer that never fails with the "heavily soiled collars." McDuffie, the father of a Tampa Bay Bucaneer... and Susie. Ah, Susie. Ali's honorary grandma (Ali comes to work with me)... she brings him little treats every time she comes in (which has become every day.... drycleaning or not.) Oh, and let's not forget the old man that always leaves me his change... and a wink. But... I did forget his name, maybe I'll remember when he starts leaving me bills instead of change. Get your minds out of the gutter people.

So those were my cool regulars. The following were my... weird encounters, and for the sake of privacy I will not be using names.

So a lady walks in and says "do you guys clean cat urine?" I mean, really? Did you have to tell us what was on your BRIGHT YELLOW NYLON VEST? All I could say was (in my head, of course) THANK GOD WE SEND THE CLOTHES OUT TO BE CLEANED. We are just a drop off/pick up location. Then this big dude comes in... a man of color. He seemed nice, although his size 56 waist in a belly shirt wasn't so flattering (ya, we look at the sizes if they spark our interest.) He had a large bag filled with two piece suits. I mean, these were straight from PIMPS R US. Turns out he's a big baller and was on his way to the Super Bowl and wanted to wear his FINEST LIME GREEN pinstriped suit to it. Um, ok... whatever floats your boat, just pay me :-) Who else... hmm... lady with silk pajamas? Must be her second marriage? Tough times people, you must recycle what you already have. Hahaha. No new lingerie for her!!! Oh, how could I forget? A man comes in EARLY in the morning (before I even arrived) and asked Eyad "When is the soonest I can have this comforter back? I need it back immediately." I conjured up a story that he cheated on his wife while she was out of town and needed the comforter cleaned and returned before she could ever tell the difference. Who knows? Eyad said maybe he had guests coming into town. Hahaha, I'm mean... but I gotta keep myself entertained people. The last, errr, encounter was yesterday. I was pulling the trash bag out of the trash can and what pops into my view? A mens black Hanes underwear. It had been drycleaned and then thrown in the trash... I still have to ask the night attendant about that one. Maybe the poopoo stains didn't come out? That can't be it, they were black!

Time to put my children to bed... and fold laundry. Till next time, God willing less than a month from now. Love you, my peeps!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Current Economic Downturn

Couldn't the recession have skipped over our generation? It's not easy being a product of it, and it's even harder to find a job during it. My hunt started in January 2008... and ended in March 2008 when I got pregnant with Ali. Then started up again in September 2009. I have applied for countless positions, filled out numerous applications, and went on several interviews. Nothing. Why? I have a Bachelors Degree, work experience, and a cute face (just kidding people.) Unfortunately so many people lost their jobs that something I would normally qualify for is propably going to an overqualified 50-year-old. I shouldn't complain though, I still have a roof over my head and food on the table... and a healthy family. That's a lot more than most others can say right now.

It's so depressing to drive by little mom 'n pop shops one day and see a FOR SALE sign on their door the next. I used to wonder how people allowed themselves become homeless, and now I see. No one chooses to hold a sign on the corner of a busy street (well, I guess for the exception of some - some people actually do it as a real job. No joke.) These poor people have no where left to go and no one to turn to - they're forced to sink to ultimate lows for their families (Gay for Pay anyone? Sorry, had to throw a joke in somewhere.) This economic downturn has taught myself, and I'm sure others, things a college degree could never teach. It's unfortunate that it had to happen this way.

Sorry for the depressing post, but this is what's on my mind. These days it's hard to donate money for so many of us... every penny counts, but there are little things you can do. Donate some clothes. Smile at a stranger. Volunteer. Or just take your cart back after you've finished grocery shopping darnit! All these acts of kindness will come back to you in some form, and even if they don't... it'll make you feel good and it'll make someone else's day just a little bit better!

Till next time...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jesus Loves Me!

This is just a shout out to the random lady who came into Eyad's store around Christmas time and gave him two Chik-fil-A gift cards while simultaneously saying "Jesus Loves You.".

I went in to use them today... twenty dollars... ON EACH CARD. Thank you Jesus. I heart you!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Second First Entry.. Hi my name is Ruba and I'm a FATTY.

Ok, so this blog was created to give people an explicit view into my life as a daughter, sister, friend, wife and mother... oh, and a woman... but I assumed that was a given. I guess these days it's questionable what with the pregnant man and all.

I've always been at war with my weight. My mom says I was so fat as a kid she had to wait till I was three before she could find shoes that fit me. (I'm guessing EXTRA WIDE didn't exist 26 years ago.) How depressing! When I lost a bunch of weight before my wedding I actually went down a shoe size. I was wearing a 7.5-8 and now I'm a NINE. A nine people!!! Can we say LAY OFF THE CHIPS RUBA?!?! Just let it be known that I have had two children since and retained a lot of water during both pregnancies. I'm just saying. Whatever, anyway. I just finished my usual late night snack, today it was Quaker Mini Delights (90 calories) in Chocolatey Drizzle. Yum! I mean, they're good but I've had better. So it may be obvious now with the 100 and 90 calorie packs that I have issues with portion control. The only diet that has ever worked for me was Weight Watchers and I am here to say that I am back on it... and have been for two weeks now. It works on a point system which is essentially calorie counting/portion control. The heavier you are, the more points you get. Are they rewarding me for being morbidly obese? No, your body needs a certain amount of calories for your metabolism to work efficiently... or in my case, to work at all. Once I lose a few (more like a bunch of) pounds I will decrease my point intake. I've lost five pounds, which DO NOT show, nor do I "feel it in my jeans." But whatever. I feel healthier considering all the fiber I'm required to consume. It's like an all natural reverse colonic. Okay, too much info?

More fat talk to come, till then... SWEET DREAMS!

Oh, and words of encouragment are welcome. I want to stay on the wagon! JOIN IN!

Hello BLOGSPOT... I Have Arrived

After the recommendation of a friend to start a blog I thought, "why not?" So here it is, my BLOG.

As I sit in front of my computer munching on a 100 Calorie Pack of Kettle Corn I wonder what wise words I should use to lay down as the foundation to this blog... yet, the only thing I could think of is "what should I eat after this bag of popcorn?" Sadly, the bag isn't even half eaten yet! Fat, I know I am, but atleast I admit it. When I'm bored I start to walk around the house to find things to do and inevitably I end up in the fridge... literally! And as my warm breath collides with the cold air I wonder what to scarf down. Mmm... cheeeeese... but instead I am overtaken by the miracle which is willpower and grab my homemade bottle of CAFFIENE FREE ORGANIC GREEN TEA. Yay for me!

Stay tuned for a real foundation...